graphic designer / art director

Casablanca Fire Branding

Casablanca Fire Branding & 3D Modeling

Background: This branding project was unique because I was required to create a 3D rendered version of my product. I decided to create a Moroccan spices company, Casablanca Fire. The product I developed was a spicy red pepper sauce. To check out the website, click here!

"In 1948, Salma Abhali established a Moroccan spice business. Over the course of several years this small brand has developed into Casablanca Fire. Based in the tradition of premium quality and rich flavors, these Moroccan flavors continue to reach around the world." 

Deliverables: 3D modeled version of product, branding, packaging design, website, magazine ad

This 3D rendering was created using SketchUp Pro. The label was designed in Illustrator and imported into SketchUp.