graphic designer / art director

Natural Light Ad Campaign

Natural Light One Year Plan

Background Info: In the summer of 2016 I had an internship with We Are Alexander, formerly known as GROUP360 Worldwide. Over the course of the summer my intern group was given the task of creating a fully integrated one year advertising plan for Natural Light.

The Ask: Create a fully integrated 360 plan that: attacks the college market, drives awareness, positions Natural Light as an "irreverent maverick," increases penetration and pushes demand, and creates sampling opportunities.

The Solution: We broke down the 2017 year into three trimesters (T1 January-April, T2 May-August, and T3 September-December) with the overarching ideology of 'The Year of the Natty," which is rooted in an "Anything Goes" mindset:

  • Look for irony in everyday life
  • Desire to experience
  • Embrace irreverence
  • Discover what life has to offer

The Year of the Natty is a continuation of the creative concept from 2016: "Drink Natty. Make Stories." It further encourages consumers to create stories with Natty, but with a new "Anything Goes" mindset. Our campaign message evolves with the seasons, ebbing and flowing with the typical school year calendar, giving Parker a reason to make stories all year long.