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AMP'D Boutique Rebrand

AMP'D Boutique Rebrand

The Client: The client for this project is the local business AMP’D Boutique, a clothing, jewelry, and home décor store. Relatively new to the Kirksville area, their doors opened at the end of 2015. The boutique is co-owned by two women who run the shop in addition to having their own careers and families. 

The Problem: Due to their busy schedules and limited staff/resources, AMP'D only utilizes a Facebook page and business card to advertise and brand themselves. In addition, they did not have one set logo they were using. 

The solution: This project includes a rebranding of AMP'D in addition to an advertising campaign that is digitally focused to keep the price of printing at a minimum. The whole concept behind the awareness campaign is "Where Local & Modern Meet." The ampersand is utilized in AMP'D's logo and is one of their hallmark accessories, which is why you can find it in the campaign slogan. This boutique has an edge that other apparel and jewelry stores in Kirksville shops do not: it is a locally owned, small business that has trendy and affordable goods. The target audience for the campaign are women in Kirksville area ages 16-35. I chose a clean, bold, and fun design aesthetic for the rebranding and advertising. The reoccurring dark teal color is based on their interior accent wall color, which is recognizable, eye-catching, and young. No stock photography was used in the making of this project.

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